• 1958 – LiuGong Machinery Corp. (Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co. Ltd.) was founded in Liuzhou, China. LiuGong routinely ranks among the largest global wheel loader manufacturers.

      • 1966 – LiuGong launched China’s first modernized wheel loader Z435.

      • 1987 – LiuGong introduced Caterpillar technology.

      • 1993 – LiuGong began trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. 

      • 1995 – LiuGong partnered with the German transmission components manufacturer, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, to open a joint venture in Liuzhou.

      • 2000 – LiuGong acquired Jiangyin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd to enter the roller business.

      • 2001 – LiuGong began building excavators.

      • 2003 – The company entered the compact machine business.

      • 2004 – LiuGong entered the road machine business; established its first overseas division in Australia.

      • 2006 – Production volume of wheel loaders exceeded 100,000 units.

      • 2007 – The company acquired Anhui Crane Co., Ltd. and established the LiuGong India division.

      • 2008 – LiuGong established divisions in North America and Latin America.

      • 2009 – India wheel loader and manufacturing plant began operation.

      • 2010 – The firm formed divisions in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and South Africa.

      • 2011 – Cummins and LiuGong announced a joint venture to produce mid-range engines.

      • 2012 – LiuGong completes the acquisition of HSW (Huta Stalowa Wola) Dressta in Poland, a premier manufacturer of bulldozers, giving LiuGong a strategic footprint and access to markets in Europe.

      • 2012 – LiuGong founded a second joint venture with ZF, ZF Liuzhou Axle Co. Ltd., to develop and produce machine axles for the Chinese market.

      • 2013 – LiuGong formed a joint venture with Wuling Group to engage in the design, research and development, production and sales of engineering machinery, forklifts and other industrial vehicle’s sheet metal parts, as well as cooling systems. LiuGong Poland acquired ZZN Transmission Plant.

      • 2014 – LiuGong opened the Hong Kong subsidiary, improving LiuGong’s expansion in overseas markets and optimizing overseas capital management.

      • 2014 – LiuGong Group set up a joint venture with Metso, LiuGong Metso Construction Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., combining Metso's know-how in track-mounted crushing and screening business and technology with LiuGong's extensive distribution resources and manufacturing capabilities in China.

      • 2015 – LiuGong opened a new factory in Brazil, which becomes the third overseas factory of LiuGong and strengthens LiuGong’s long-term relationship with Brazil. 

      • 2015 – LiuGong opened a new Global Research & Development Centre in Liuzhou. The initiative expanded LiuGong’s R&D capability and is a major milestone. With the world-class hardware in the new R&D centre, as well as the top quality technical team of about 1,000 engineers, LiuGong has entered a new era of R&D.

      • 2016 –LiuGong launched its revolutionary new product, the Vertical Lift Wheel Loader. The new technology marks an important milestone for LiuGong and for the Chinese construction equipment industry. LiuGong was the first to develop and will be the first to market the vertical lift, articulating frame wheel loader.
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