Rare earth is a generic name for 17 elements. Its applications range from phosphor applications, various ceramic sintering aids, plasma-resistant coating materials, scintillators for medical purposes, fuel cells, and catalysts. Shin-Etsu Chemical’s Rare Earth 产品介绍s (Shin-Etsu Rare Earth) offer a lineup tailored to customer needs through advanced separation and purification technologies and a variety of p文章 design technologies cultivated over many years of research, and contribute to the improvement of performance. Please 联系 us for some of the complex oxides and other compounds as well as 单一 oxides. Shin-Etsu Rare Earth will continue to support this high-tech field.

      Series Name

      • BB type (large surface area p文章s), UU type (spherical ultrafine p文章s), RU type (fine p文章s), QU type (spherical large p文章s)


      • High-color rendering three-wavelength fluorescent lamp
      • Plasma-resistant coating materials for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
      • Sintering aids and additives for fine ceramics (capacitors, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, oxygen sensors, etc.)
      • Y-Al garnet (YAG) laser
      • Scintillator
      • Fuels cells
      • Automotive exhaust catalyst
      • Glass additives and colorants
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